Videos To Get You Thinking

Videos that Share our Ethos

We have collated these videos to explain some of the things we talk about in this website in greater depth and from a wider perspective. These videos generally align with and discuss a number of elements of the School of Joy approach. Some may challenge aspects of it but all with be useful to share with people in training etc.

Sarah Hendrickx talks about happiness in the context of Autism

Dawn-Joy Leong on the importance of going beyond Autism acceptance

Maxfield Sparrow - "We are like all humans, born to rejoice".

A great talk that really encompasses the importance of valuing the child for who they are and designing your provision to support them and what they need.

Zemi Yenus set up a school that enhanced the lives of children with SEND in Ethiopia against all the odds.

The theory of flow states has hugely impacted my practice. It informs how long I give for play, task completion and rewards i.e computer time. Adherence to a child's flow state should take precedent over the timetable.