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The Power of Partnership

Too often the relationship between parents/carers and their child's educational/residential or care provision becomes strained. There is an inherent power imbalance between parents and paid professionals. This tilts heavily in favour of the professionals, so when things go wrong or both parties disagree the notional partnership breaks down. Parents are often called to meetings where they may well be outnumbered, made to wait, not be in a comfortable environment, not have all the resources easily accessible.

Any provision or organisation that states they follow any aspect of the School of Joy approach, whether that be stated explicitly or more likely reflected in a values or vision statement should do everything they can to mitigate this imbalance.

As parents of children with a number of diagnoses ourselves, we know how important this partnership is. Whilst not always smooth working together is the only way to secure the best outcomes for the child or young person. In the school of Joy approach the role of the parents is just to engage openly and honestly with the school about any concerns. It is easy to say something is in place for a child, but you need to be confident when a school talks the talk they also walk the walk. If you do not like the way the school manages your child please share this site with them.